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AB HOSTEL - A modern Boys hostel in Greater Noida, which is authorised by Greater Noida Authority, started functioning since academic year 2010. Its vision lies in imparting not just housing facilities but, a homely stay, keeping all the safety and security measures intact.

This Boys hostel is the best place for working and studying Boys to live and get the essence of a homely atmosphere. The philosophy of this hostel is to take care of students and make their stay fruitful in terms of safety.


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Parking Space

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Room Service

We believe that good value for accommodation follows the money you spend on us..


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Fibre Internet

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows computers and other devices...


AB Hostel having very own catering services we provide food for four time like Breakfast,


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AB Hostel


TV in Cafeteria
Theater/Projector Room
Party Hall With DJ Facility

AB Hostel

24*7 Power Backup

We offer our students a “classic ambiance” in which they can feel comfortable; have enough space to move around, to relax and rejuvenate. Since is it a small operation, we strive to create unique experiences.

AB Hostel


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